A service specialising in U.K. & overseas debt recovery for sole traders,firms,companies,and insolvency practitioners on a results only basis.


Control of working capital is the fundamental financial rule of a business. Working capital is made up of stock and work in progress, debtors, cash less creditors. The objective of any business is to turn its profit into cash. The most risky element of the trading process is the conversion of a debtor into cash.

Our credit management services team advises you on how to protect your debtor asset and ensure it is converted into cash in line with your normal terms of trade. We will also review your debtor profile and advise on reducing the risk content.

The credit control function carried out by a company is more than simply a collector of debtors. It must ensure that throughout the transaction process the parties involved have protected the company from the chance of a debt being recoverable.

The objective of our service is to advise your credit control team on the systems and processes it should have in place to maximise the return and minimise the risk in debt collection.

We will review your existing systems and carry out an audit of your processes, report and make recommendations as to how to improve your collections, giving you all the tools and training necessary to achieve optimum performance.


  • Sales order processing - credit approval.
  • Terms of trade - acknowledgement.
  • Proof of delivery - customer confirmation.
  • Reservation of title - identifiable goods.
  • Invoice acceptance - client’s satisfaction.
  • Customer communication.
  • Credit control.

Ensuring that processes 1 to 6 are in place and performed will reduce the risk of reaching credit control.

We can advise on how to put these key controls in place.


Having put your controls in place and reduced the chances of a debt reaching this stage, it is inevitable that collection problems will arise whether it be due to a customer’s own mismanagement or through no fault of theirs - they might suffer a significant bad debt.

The credit control function now has the duty to manage the recovery of the amount owed. Our experience has given us a broad range of tools from the first stage of communicating with the potential bad debt to ultimate recovery through the Courts.

We will advise you on the order of options available and how to best use them.


You may have customers with whom your staff are unable to make progress, you may be at the “end of the line” in your processes, or you may not have the resources to achieve collection on time consuming problem debtors.

We are able to provide debt recovery services that we will manage from our offices. We have the skills and resources to maximise recovery. It may well provide you with a cost effective solution for your problem cases.


  • Systems audit program.
  • Report layout.
  • Software advice.
  • Forms (could be replaced by software).
  • Targets/measures.
  • Training.